3 Reasons Why the Solo Full Grain Leather Caryall Laptop Bag/ Handbag Was My Best Purchase of 2017


1. The Ride Along Pocketleather suitcase travel bag

Having to carry a laptop bag and a handbag when you travel can be a hassle…

If you’re at an airport or are traveling by any other method of transportation you want the amount of items you carry to be minimal.

This handbag transforms into a mini luggage as it allows you to easily add wheels to the back of it.

This can be done with the ride along pocket located behind the bag. It is subtle and comes into use only when you need it.

2.The Zip Close Featureleather handbag

There is a zipper at the top of the bag, that enables you to zip the handbag closed so that all your belongings stay private and safe!

The zip close feature is especially beneficial to this product because it is a laptop bag, which means your wallet is not the only valuable item inside…

You want all of your electronics and accessories that go along with it to stay put.

leather laptop bag3. Compartments & Padding

I like to stay organized. I hate to go digging through a bottomless pit whenever I want something from my handbag.

Having compartments, one especially made for a laptop screen that is 15.6-inches in width along with additional sections for my other belonging keeps me organized and satisfied.

The padding does not stop at the compartment meant for your laptop but is also carried into the handles of the bag.

I really like this, I have a heavy laptop (4 lbs). The padded handles can easily carry the weight of my items and have not given out on me over time.


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